Supply Chain Special Processes

0_dropcap_horberg Industries is fully equipped to integrate all steps of the manufacturing process including heat treating, grinding, special finishes and testing. This coordination and control assures quality and uniformity at the most effective cost level.

Having a capable and mature supplier base enables Horberg Industries to be your one source for complete service. Listed below are processes that are readily available to us, which represent a sample of the capabilities of our supply chain:

Heat Treatment

Aluminum Heat Treating
    (Stress Relieve & Age)
Bright Annealing, Hardening,
    and Tempering
Carbon Restoration
Carburizing & Carbonitriding
Cold stabilization to -120 °F
Stress Relieving
Vacuum Hardening, Tempering,
   and Annealing
High Speed Steel & Exotic Alloy
   Hardening & Annealing
Precipitation & Age Hardening
Solution Heat Treating

A relentless mindset for quality translates into everyday
excellence for you, delivering
only the highest quality parts
on each and every order.

Special Finishes & Coatings

Cadmium Plate
Copper Plate
Nickel Plate
Nickel Cadmium Plate
Silver Plate
Tin Plate
Dry Film Lubrication
Black Oxide
Manganese Phosphate Coat
Zinc Phosphate Coat
Chrome Plate
Zinc Plate

Metallurgical & Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI)
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
Mechanical & Physical Testing
Chemical & Physical Analysis
Metallurgical Testing
Salt Spray Testing
Ultrasonic & X-Ray Testing