MS9390 Dowel Pins: 9 Interesting Facts

So, you need MS9390 dowel pins?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.  In the past five years, we have manufactured over 2.8 million MS9390 dowel pins!  If you’re a dowel pin nerd, like we are, you might be interested in some of the characteristics that make these more interesting (and challenging to manufacture) than, say, a commercial dowel pin, then have a look:


  • The MS9390 is a straight, headless pin, used for aligning, fastening, or transference of torque and/or thrust, by fitting into a corresponding hole(s) of another item. It’s largely used in the gas turbine (e.g., power plant, aircraft) engine industries.
  • Technically, the drawing is AS9390 and, as of this writing, is at revision D; the part numbers themselves begin with MS9390.
  • The drawing is property of SAE International and is what we refer to as a tab drawing, meaning that there are multiple part numbers on one drawing.
  • For each diameter/length combination there is a standard part and four associated oversize diameters (.002”, .005”, .010”, .015”). All oversized parts, except .0625” and .09375” nominal ODs, are marked on one end to designate the appropriate oversize identification.
  • The nominal sizes range from .0625” OD x .250” OAL (MS9390-010) to .6250” OD x 2.000 OAL (MS9390-999 [.015” Oversize])
  • The diameter tolerance across the entire range of parts is +/-.00025” with a straightness requirement of .0005” FIR (full indicator reading) RFS (regardless of feature size) with a 32 microinch Ra finish.
  • Raw material is A286 aged, a rather gnarly material to machine, largely because of the chrome and nickel content and its age hardened condition.
  • Another notable requirement is the correct placement of the end radius (except for .0625” and .09375” nominal diameters). You’ll need an optical comparator to ensure that the radius origin is .090”-.110” from each end of the part.
  • To the above, compliance to the following specifications is also required:
    • AMS5732
    • AMS2700
    • ASME Y14.36M
    • ASME B46.1
    • AS478
    • ANSI Y14.5M

How’s that for “just a dowel pin”?

Why do we mention these minutiae?  So you can rest assured knowing we’ve got the details covered for you!

Yep, over 2.8 million MS9390 dowel pins…in just the past five years…clearly, not our first rodeo.

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