As experienced manufacturers of precision-ground dowel pins, Horberg Industries is a critical supplier for computer, semiconductor, and other vital technology manufacturers. Our high-quality dowel pins align critical components in servers, printers, routers, printed circuit boards, and more. 

Computer and peripheral equipment manufacturers such as FUJIFILM, Texas Instruments, and Honeywell depend on extremely accurate alignment of internal components to function properly. The smallest deviation can cause issues. Our tight-tolerance dowel pins mate with precision-machined holes to provide this necessary accuracy over years of use. Whether used in computer servers, or computer peripherals like printers, our dowel pins enable perfect alignment for the most sensitive electronics.

When failure is not an option, engineers and purchasing managers can trust Horberg dowel pins to deliver the quality and precision needed in computers, peripherals, semiconductors, and other electronics manufacturing. Contact us today to learn more about our pins customized for your application.

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FUJIFILM Dimatix, a pioneering force in the inkjet printhead industry, leads with drop-on-demand solutions for commercial and industrial printing on a global scale. The company's innovative technologies and unparalleled manufacturing capabilities empower high-performance, micro-precision printing on almost any surface, whether using traditional inks or nano-fluids.

The printheads developed by FUJIFILM Dimatix serve as essential components in numerous systems dedicated to creating communications, decorations, textiles, 3D objects, and more. The company extends its support to print providers, brands, manufacturers, and consumers across a wide range of applications.

With decades of proprietary research, FUJIFILM Dimatix has cultivated an extensive intellectual property portfolio and produced generations of printheads tailored for diverse inkjet printing and jetting applications. The company remains committed to ongoing investment in research and development, maintaining an inkjet group recognized among the world's most capable.

We engineer quality into our manufacturing methods and processes.

Our dedicated team is committed to delivering flawless work, ensuring critical products and services meet the highest standards. Understanding the human impact of their application, especially in the Aerospace and Medical Industries, we make quality our unwavering priority and strive for perfection in every process step, every time.

"You guys are a great supply chain partner. We appreciate the hard work and effort to support us.”