Pins for Space Transportation & Exploration


Our precision-machined dowel pins support critical space transportation programs for aerospace companies like NASA, Boeing, and SpaceX. As a provider to NASA and commercial space companies, we manufacture to the high standards required to ensure reliable performance.

Dowel pins have played integral roles in achievements like the SpaceX Crew Dragon missions that carried astronauts to the Space Station. During Boeing's Orbital Flight Tests, precision dowel pins contributed to demonstrating safe launch aborts from test assets. We continually support pin designs as new prototypes push possibilities of reusable rockets and deep space exploration.

Reliability requires precision - that's why leaders like SpaceX and NASA turn to Horberg Industries again and again for their most ambitious space transportation goals.

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We engineer quality into our manufacturing methods and processes.

Our dedicated team is committed to delivering flawless work, ensuring critical products and services meet the highest standards. Understanding the human impact of their application, especially in the Aerospace and Medical Industries, we make quality our unwavering priority and strive for perfection in every process step, every time.

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