Pins for Medical Devices


From imaging machines spotting anomalies to surgical tools delivering treatment, medical devices continue growing more sophisticated in diagnosing and caring for patients. Underpinning the smooth functionality and accuracy vital for these lifesaving technologies are components manufactured to exacting, uncompromising standards.

For over 85 years, Horberg Industries has provided essential precision dowel pins to medical device innovators and manufacturers. In applications ranging from CT scanners to ultrasound and MRI machines, precision alignment of internal components enables sensitive imaging and diagnostics. By securing parts in proper positions, our custom-machined dowel pins help prevent deviations that could degrade scan quality or produce inaccuracies. 

Beyond diagnostics, Horberg’s precision machined parts integrate across various treatment-centered equipment as well. In surgical instrumentation like laparoscopic and hysteroscopic tools, our pins maintain the integrity of multi-component systems undergoing frequent sterilization and handling. That’s why leading medical technology contractors and OEMs partner with Horberg time and again for the uncompromising quality and reliable performance our reputation was built on over 85 years of serving highly regulated industries.

While our discrete pins often operate “behind the scenes,” they contribute to improved safety and outcomes across critical hospital tools and technologies. Ultimately, we aim to support innovations in healthcare through an unwavering dedication to quality production.

Showcasing Collaborations with Esteemed Organizations

Hologic Surgical Products

As a next-generation medical device company, Hologic Surgical Products strives to innovate healthcare solutions for affordability and access. The company is committed to advancing clinical care while simultaneously addressing pressing economic needs. Its success is driven by a dedication to understanding and satisfying customer requirements.

Hologic Surgical Products focuses on breakthrough technologies for minimally invasive and general surgery, contributing to improved outcomes across various specialties such as cardiac, vascular, urologic, bariatric, and women’s health.

Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Southern California, Hologic Surgical Products has rapidly expanded into a global organization with 5,000 team members. The company provides its products and unique business models to over 75 countries, showcasing its commitment to making a significant and sustainable impact on enabling high-quality, cost-effective healthcare worldwide.


Hologic, a company dedicated to advancing healthcare through innovative medical technologies, champions healthier lives as a leader in the fields of medical diagnostics, imaging systems, and surgical devices. Renowned for its commitment to women's health, Hologic stands at the forefront of the industry.

With a diverse portfolio driving continuous growth, Hologic prioritizes reinvestment in its people, business, and initiatives, aiming to elevate women's health and wellbeing. This strategic approach enables the company to make a positive impact on patient lives, achieve enduring success, and deliver value to its shareholders.

Guided by a purpose to make better health possible everywhere, every day, Hologic's solutions touch lives in ways that promote genuine wellness, prevent illness, and restore health. The company remains steadfast in its mission to enable people to live their healthiest lives.

We engineer quality into our manufacturing methods and processes.

Our dedicated team is committed to delivering flawless work, ensuring critical products and services meet the highest standards. Understanding the human impact of their application, especially in the Aerospace and Medical Industries, we make quality our unwavering priority and strive for perfection in every process step, every time.

"Dave and the Horberg team do a great job for us. We get what we order on time. And when there is an issue you react quickly to keep us going as needed. Great job. Thanks for your support.”