Pins for Aerospace and Defense


As trusted suppliers of dowel pins across aviation and defense technologies, our components uphold the uncompromising quality and precision that underpins safety, performance, and readiness. Decades of expertise have positioned us as key partners, assisting groups like Boeing, Raytheon, and Sikorsky in innovating aerospace and weapon systems that set the bar higher.


By collaborating closely on meeting specialized requirements, our pins provide precision alignment for applications from commercial jet construction to missile guidance, and space navigation systems. Our culture of continuous improvement ensures we satisfy strict quality standards, contributing towards the advancements of capability, speed, and failsafe operation. Our history reflects our integral role in helping aircraft take flight reliably, and defense technologies respond accurately.

For over 85 years assisting aviation leaders, our commitment to precision has held constant – instilling customer confidence as we continue to support airworthiness, tactical response, and failsafe performance. We empower builders to set new records by providing the foundation they rely upon.

Showcasing Collaborations with Esteemed Organizations

Firstmark Aerospace

Pioneering avionics innovation since its establishment in 1893, Wright Machinery Company, based in Durham, North Carolina, boasts a legacy of excellence in avionics spanning over a century. The company supported the WWII effort by building fire control systems and later operated as Sperry and Honeywell divisions, contributing significantly to the manufacturing of aircraft and space technology.

In 1996, Tecstar purchased Wright Machinery Company to diversify into wider markets. Firstmark Aerospace acquired the company in 2002, leading to expanded capabilities. Today, as part of Ontic and BBA Aviation, Firstmark Aerospace leverages this unmatched lineage to design, produce, and service precision components and systems.

With over 50 years specifically in avionics, Firstmark Aerospace supports military, civil, and commercial applications worldwide. Its electronic, electromagnetic, and mechanical solutions flawlessly meet the evolving needs of the aerospace and defense industry.

From its 1893 origins to the present, through partnerships with aerospace leaders, Firstmark Aerospace's Durham plant and talented engineers have powered advancements that pioneer the future of flight.

Smiths Tubular

Operating as Smiths Tubular, formerly known as Titeflex Aerospace, the company delivers complete fluid transfer solutions for aviation and aerospace. Globally recognized, Titeflex leads in the production of steel braided and para-aramid hoses, along with intricate rigid designs in specialty metals.

Smiths Tubular's assemblies play a vital role in transferring fuels, hydraulics, lubricants, gases, oxygen, and pressurized air within turbine engines, commercial aircraft, military vehicles, and space applications. The company offers reliable PTFE, metallic, and hybrid configurations to meet the precision fluid management challenges of diverse industries.

With profound expertise in aerospace fluid dynamics, Smiths Tubular engineers and manufactures trusted, fully integrated solutions tailored for the most demanding conditions. The company strives to simplify and optimize fluid systems, ensuring peak operational efficiency and safety across rapidly evolving platforms.

We engineer quality into our manufacturing methods and processes.

Our dedicated team is committed to delivering flawless work, ensuring critical products and services meet the highest standards. Understanding the human impact of their application, especially in the Aerospace and Medical Industries, we make quality our unwavering priority and strive for perfection in every process step, every time.

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