Horberg Industries to Attend CT Manufacturing Careers Roadshow Series

Horberg Industries is excited to announce our participation in the upcoming CT Manufacturing Careers Roadshow Series, an initiative designed to raise awareness and generate interest in the diverse, well-paying, and modern careers available in Connecticut’s manufacturing sector.

As a leading precision manufacturer based in Bridgeport, we understand the importance of connecting with the next generation of talent and showcasing the exciting opportunities that exist within our industry. The Manufacturing Careers Roadshow Series provides the perfect platform for us to engage with students, educators, and community members, and to demonstrate the innovative and rewarding nature of manufacturing careers.

Horberg Industries is committed to building a strong and diverse workforce, and we view the Manufacturing Careers Roadshow Series as an invaluable opportunity to connect with prospective employees who share our passion for innovation and excellence. We look forward to meeting with students, discussing their interests and aspirations, and exploring how a career at Horberg Industries can help them achieve their goals.

Horberg Industries is proud to be a part of this collaborative effort to inspire the next generation of manufacturing professionals, and we look forward to meeting you at the event! https://ctmakesit.com/expo/

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