Dowel Pins for Firearms

When handling firearms, safety is paramount. To operate a gun safely, it is imperative that it be equipped with a trigger locking mechanism; this is where dowel pins come into play. Dowel pins lay against both the inside and outside of trigger guards in order to restrict them. Of course, since there is no such thing as a “universal” dowel pin, the question that often gets raised, is: how do you know which kind of dowel pin you need for your firearm(s)?


Slip Fit Dowel Pins

Generally, you’ll want to use dowel pins that fit on both sides of the trigger guard without friction. These are called “slip fit” dowel pins because they fit right into the mating piece. 

Custom Dowel Pins

There may be situations where a standard pin will not work. For cases like these, it’s best to have custom pins made. At Horberg Industries we’ve been making custom dowel pins for decades. If you need a standard or custom pin for your firearm(s) application, let us put our manufacturing expertise to work for you.

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