We Make Custom Dowel Pins

If you’re looking for custom dowel pins, then you’re in the right place. We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently craft dowel pins to our customers’ exact specifications. Standard or custom; clearance, location, or interference; nominal, oversized, or undersized: you decide what you need. At the end of the day, whatever you call it, we’ll make it.

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Slip Fit / Standard Dowel Pins

Slip Fit Dowel PinsStandard or slip fit dowel pins slip easily into the mating part with little to no friction. 



Press Fit / Oversized Dowel Pins

Press Fit Dowel PinsAlso referred to as an interference fit, these dowel pins are larger than the hole; heat and/or high force is required to (dis)assemble them.



Our Manufacturing Process

Why go the custom route?  Actually, why not?  Instead of designing your product around the fasteners, tell us what you need and we’ll make it for you.  Every dowel pin enjoys the same attention-to-detail, whether it’s standard or custom.

Step 1: Determine What You Need

First, determine what you need.  This would not only include drawing specifications but also usage (for determining EOQ), quality clauses that the part and its supply chain would be subject to, as well as any export control considerations (including ITAR).

Step 2: Pre-Production Contract Review

The next step would be for members of each department (sales, production, quality assurance) to perform a pre-production contract review to ensure that we have considered all the details prior to manufacturing.

They include:

  • Is Horberg on the customer’s approved supplier list (ASL)?
  • Is First Article Inspection (FAI) required?
  • Is tooling being supplied by the customer?
  • Does Horberg’s ERP system contain the correct customer and order information (contact info, shipping address, etc.)?
  • Is technical data subject to export control?  If so, we would have you complete an export control questionnaire.
  • Does a risk management assessment need to be done?
  • Does the job require any special tooling or equipment?
  • Does Horberg have completed non-disclosure agreements (NDA) on file for the customer and all members of the participating supply chain?
  • Are the correct revisions of all specifications available?
  • Is the customer drawing subject to any procurement specifications?
  • Do blueprint revisions and process revisions match?
  • Are there any special packaging/labeling requirements?

Having completed the contract review, it’s on to manufacturing.

Step 3: Developing Your Dowel Pins

Raw material meeting the specifications set forth on the drawing are either selected from Horberg inventory or purchased from approved suppliers.  Material certifications are checked against specifications to ensure conformity.

Depending upon part specifications, your dowel pins may pass through

  • Swiss screw machining,
  • Centerless grinding,
  • Surface grinding,
  • Centerless straightening,
  • Tumbling and finishing,
  • Outside processing,
    • Thermal treating,
    • Chemical treating and coating,
      • Cadmium plating
      • Phosphate coating
      • Chrome plating
      • Dry-film lube deposition
    • Outside testing,
      • Single and double shear
      • Passivation
      • Fluorescent penetrant
      • Magnetic particle inspection

During and between every manufacturing step, right up until final inspection, our quality assurance department is there to verify conformance to the manufacturing plan and part specifications.

Step 4: On-Going Customer Support

Finally, we stand ready, even after the completed parts have been shipped, to provide customer service and technical support after the sale, in case you need a statement of conflict minerals usage, or REACH, RoHS, or CA Proposition 65 compliance.

Let Horberg Industries be the total solution to your dowel pin requirements.

Materials We Use

Alloy Steel
Beryllium Copper
Carbon Steel
Low Carbon Steel
Phosphor Bronze
Tool Steel
300 Series Stainless (Austenitic)
400 Series Stainless
Greek Ascoloy®
Greek Ascoloy®
Nitronic 60®
Haynes 188®
Inconel® 600/718
René 41®