Is the Aerospace Market Looking Up?


With much of the uncertainty and restrictions from 2020 now behind us, we are watching the aerospace and defense industries for an indication of post-COVID recovery. These industries saw some of the largest decreases over the last year during shutdowns as passenger traffic slowed substantially since travel (flight) restrictions were mandated. These shutdowns also spilled over into the commercial aerospace sector and reduced the need for aircraft and parts. 

It’s interesting to note that the year over year decrease in passengers was about 61%, while the decrease in the number of flights was only 42%.  It has been postulated that airlines have delayed discretionary maintenance and upgrades to conserve cash during the uncertain economy. However, the aerospace industry can only kick the can down the road for so long until these issues eventually resurface and demand attention.

The good news is that things are starting to look up. With the economy in recovery mode, experts say pre-COVID travel demands won’t ramp back up fully until at least 2024 but that more air travel is expected. 

The Business Research Company published a study that found the global aerospace market will reach almost $328B in 2021 which represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10% and the commercial market is expected to see a 7% CAGR – reaching nearly $431B by 2025. 

According to another report from research firm Deloitte, the defense sector is one that is expected to remain stable in 2021. As most countries remain committed to sustaining their military capabilities, they have not significantly reduced their defense budgets. These factors contribute to this sector seeing only slight pain points ahead. There is little question that these will include certain delays and cost increases as the previously hobbled supply chain continues to recover.  

MA4018 and MA4109 DOWEL PINS

Metric Dowel Pins: Featuring the MA4018 and MA4109

As you likely already know, dowel pins play an important role in precision assembly for holding, pivoting, locating, and hinging parts in fixtures and more. These parts can be manufactured in different sizes and specifications as well as materials and finishes.

Today, we’re looking specifically at metric dowel pins and in particular the MA4018 and MA4109 dowel pins. MA4018 and MA4109 DOWEL PINS

Did you know the MA4018 and MA4019 series metric dowel pins differ only by material (this includes the hardness as required by each material’s specification)?

As you may recall from an earlier post, the M21143/1 and M21143/2 series dowel pins differ only by diameter. The MA4018 calls for material AMS 5688 (spring tempered 302 Stainless Steel), and the MA4019 calls for AMS 5732 or AMS 5737 (both A286, consumable electrode melted, solution and precipitation heat-treated).

Both drawings/specifications are published by the SAE International (Society of Automotive Engineers…yes, Automotive) as is the procurement specification MA4070, required by both.

The MA4070 specification covers “aircraft quality metric pins, such as straight, headless, headed, shouldered, and dowel, in metric sizes.” Its application is primarily for use in “aerospace propulsion systems requiring metric size pins for use as locks, positioners, guides, plugs, and other similar uses.”  And, just as the NASM21143 procurement specification carried a boatload of extra requirements, so does the MA4070.

While we’re talking about MA4070, let’s briefly look at some of its requirements:

  • Surface texture in accordance with (IAW) ANSI/ASME B46.1
  • Hardness tested IAW MIL-STD-1312-6 (for AMS 5732 and AMS 5737 material)
  • (Double) shear strength tested IAW DOD-STD-1312-113 (for AMS 5688 material)
  • Plating, product marking, and non-destructive testing are not required for the MA4018/MA4019 but may be called for on other pins that refer to this procurement specification.
  • Non-destructive (visual and dimensional) testing classification of defects:
    • The OD (outside diameter) and the OAL (overall length) are considered Major A and subject to a 1.0% AQL (acceptable quality limit)
    • Surface texture (e.g., .8-micron [~32-microinch] Ra finish on the OD) and other dimensional characteristics (e.g., .015 mm [~.0006”] FIR [full indicator reading] straightness) are considered Major B and subject to a 4.0% AQL.
  • Raw material certifications, including test results that demonstrate conformance to the chemical and physical specifications of the material.

And that’s not even the deep dive…these folks obviously mean business!  So, what’s the takeaway?  There’s more to these dowel pins than the “cutting of chips” …there’s an obligation to demonstrate compliance after manufacturing.

Just as with so many of the other dowel pins that we manufacture, when you encounter a requirement for a MA4018 or MA4019 metric dowel pin, don’t dismiss it as “just another commercial dowel pin”; as you can see, there’s much more to it when you read the fine print.

Let Horberg Industries be your trusted source for all things MA4018/MA4019…don’t you have enough on your plate?

Horberg AS9100D Certification

The Horberg Difference

Horberg AS9100D Certification

Since 1935, Horberg Industries has provided its customers with high-quality, high-value, on-time solutions. That’s a pretty good start, but beyond that, we’re all about service (even with a smile), trusting relationships, and transparency.

Speaking of transparency, our Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D registered, and we have the certificate to prove it.  When selecting the right supplier for your needs, you’d be wise to consider the difference between feigning compliance and demonstrating it.  Anyone can say they’re “compliant”; many can even pay the fee and get the ITAR registration letter.  That’s just not enough!

Consider this: cheap (car) insurance is great, as long as you don’t have an “incident”. You’ve received the insurance card/paperwork and you’re good to go, right?  Hopefully, you’re smart enough to check reviews and take into account the level of service you can reasonably expect to receive when circumstances don’t go your way.

It’s not any different with dowel pins. 

Downstream Savings

The hastily chosen lower price option is often accompanied by negative consequences downstream; that’s something worth considering.  After factoring in customer complaints, the negative impact on quality scores, delays and stoppages caused by defective/late product, and the loss of customer goodwill, it’s not hard to comprehend how higher quality can actually realize lower costs.

If downstream savings is important to you, consider Horberg as the wise choice.

Our Qualifications

Horberg Industries is proud to be ITAR registered with the United States Department of State Directorate of Trade Controls (DDTC) and our QMS is certified to AS9100D.  If you look for us in the IAQG OASIS (Online Aerospace Supplier Information System) database, you’ll find us there. (For those working in the aerospace industry, this online resource is the reliable source for aerospace supplier certification and registration data.)  

Call Horberg Today!

From Aerospace and Defense to Medical and Technology, you can count on us to craft your order on time, to your exact specifications, while still receiving the best value.

But don’t take my word for it; allow us the privilege of earning your repeat business!  Check out the Horberg difference for yourself.

custom dowel pin manufacturing

A Closer Look at the M21143 Dowel Pin

M21143The M21143 dowel pin is an interesting study.  According to the published description, “Dowel pins covered by this spec are intended for use in machine applications employing light drives for torque transmission, positioning parts with respect to one another, and for fastening together two or more parts of an assembly.” The drawing/specification NASM21143 is published by the Aerospace Industries Association and is actually a procurement specification while the associated dowel pins are the NASM21143/1 (standard size) and the NASM21143/2 (.0002” undersized).  Both pins are made from 303 S.S. and require passivation, but if you thought that’s all there is to it, you’d be wrong.  They are both subject to the NASM21143 procurement spec, which carries a boatload of extra requirements:

The procurement specification covers headless straight pins of the following classes…

Class 1: .0002 inch over size
Class 2: .001 inch over size
Class 3: .0002 inch under size

…and pertains not only to NASM21143/1 and NASM21143/2 dowel pins, but also NASM16555 and NASM16556.

M21143While the former two dowel pins require 303 S.S., the latter two, depending on their dash number, can be made from Carbon or Alloy Steel, Austenitic Corrosion Resistant Steel (e.g., 303 S.S.), or Martensitic Corrosion Resistant Steel (e.g., 416 S.S., 410 S.S.).  Once again, depending on their dash number, they may or may not be heat-treated, phosphate coated, cadmium plated, passivated, or furnished with a plain finish.  They are all subject to double shear force testing, straightness requirements, a maximum surface roughness (on the cylindrical surface) of 16 micro inches Ra (Roughness Average), and roundness requirements.

When you encounter a requirement for a M21143/1 or M21143/2 dowel pin, don’t dismiss it as “just another commercial dowel pin”; as you can see, there’s much more to it when you read the fine print.

Let Horberg Industries be your trusted source for all things NASM21143…you’ve got enough on your plate!

 Horberg Industries…Dowel Pins Made Right!

MS9390 dowel pins

MS9390 Dowel Pins: 9 Interesting Facts

So, you need MS9390 dowel pins?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.  In the past five years, we have manufactured over 2.8 million MS9390 dowel pins!  If you’re a dowel pin nerd, like we are, you might be interested in some of the characteristics that make these more interesting (and challenging to manufacture) than, say, a commercial dowel pin, then have a look:

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Dowel Pins Play a Role in COVID-19 Virus Testing

In what may be described as a year that defies precedence, 2020 has found the world dealing with a pandemic, the likes of which has seldom been seen. While researchers and pharmaceutical companies have been scrambling to find answers, the push for the human race to survive the pandemic has become the world’s primary concern. 

Despite the recent availability of vaccines, COVID-19 testing continues to be in incredibly high demand…and, you guessed it, Horberg dowel pins are playing an important role in this process. 

Just as we consider it an honor to support and supply our military as part of our nation’s Defense Industrial Base, we are similarly honored to supply dowel pins used to manufacture equipment that is ultimately used in the fight to detect and end SARS-CoV-2.

Earlier this year we were contacted by a global enterprise manufacturer that specializes in the development, manufacture, and customization of precision measurement devices, automated liquid handling workstations, and sample management systems. 

Apropos to this article, they fabricate appliances that are used to assist with COVID-19 virus testing, tracing, and vaccine creation. We have now been producing various pins to their specifications for use within these innovative workstations that provide the swift, but precise movement of liquid samples.  Quick and efficient movement translates into the ability to more rapidly process these specimens.  This equipment plays a crucial role in the journey toward “normalcy” and we are thrilled to be part of that journey. 

Just another example of how small pins play a big role in our everyday lives!

Horberg Industries…Dowel Pins Made Right!