Our Tradition—Innovation and Continuous Improvement

0_dropcap_in the years since the Company’s inception, we have faced many of the industries’ major challenges. To each new challenge we bring not only our experience but also a willingness to be innovative, often to the point of considering what seems impossible. Surprisingly, this posture of “sailing into the wind” has, more often than not, yielded ingenious techniques and equipment that have produced higher quality and more economical parts than conventional methods would permit.

Continuous improvement at Horberg is not just limited to equipment and techniques; it applies to every phase of the business. From Building and Grounds to the Business Office and Administration, to Production and Quality Assurance, pride and continuous improvement are the motivation behind everything we do.

Horberg Precision Manufacturing Employees


Team Horberg
Holding true to the rigid standards that are demanded by today’s precision industries takes more than just production machinery and measuring equipment. The Horberg standard of excellence rests upon the passion and pride of each of our talented professionals. Together, they bring a unique blend of experience, innovative attitude, and personal attention to detail. The synergy of Team Horberg keeps the tradition of the “master craftsman” alive.

Everyday Excellence
A relentless mindset for quality translates into everyday excellence for you, delivering only the highest quality parts on each and every order. Horberg has made the necessary investments in manufacturing and quality assurance methods and systems to ensure that your critical part is delivered on time, every time, to your exact specifications. Customer satisfaction will always be the measure of our success.